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Aug 10, 2018

Mood for Food

Food and emotion

What is your comfort food of choice? Turning to food in periods of extreme stress or depression is second nature to most of us. Whether it is keeping a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer or that bar of milk chocolate you carry around in your bag most of us tend to crave…

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Aug 8, 2018

Depression and Looking After You

self-care through depression

One of the first things we stop taking care of when suffering with depression, is ourselves. Whether it is not bothering to eat breakfast in the morning, skipping the gym, showering a little less often, not getting out of bed on the weekends – for many of us depression takes hold and the things that…

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Aug 7, 2018

Our Children and their Social Media Addictions

Children and social media

In 2018, there are few people who don’t have constant access to mobile phones, tablets or smart devices. For many of us it has changed the way we do everything; recipe books are a thing of the past when YouTube can show you how in three minutes, appointments can be automatically scheduled across multiple calendars…

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