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Why does My Online Therapy offer only video sessions and not messaging interventions?

My Online Therapy aims to offer you the exact same quality of treatment in the online space that you would expect in a “bricks & mortar” or physical clinic. For this reason, we have chosen not to dilute evidence-based therapy models by offering either shorter sessions or therapy through messaging. If one carefully considers the evidence, all the research on a range of therapeutic interventions and their effectiveness considers therapy models that are delivered once a week for 50 minutes over a number of weeks. This holds true across presenting difficulties and therapeutic interventions. Whilst some research findings might suggest that text or messaging therapy is effective, none of these findings have come through randomised controlled trials or been conducted by independent research bodies.

At My Online Therapy we believe in offering our users the most effective approach for their difficulties, without cutting corners but rather offering you the most contemporary methods by the most qualified clinicians, at the convenience of your location and schedule.