Unlike other therapy platforms, My Online Therapy is an integrated virtual clinic. Each psychologist has been selected through a rigorous process and works as part of a team. This allows us to be confident in the quality of the therapy that our clients receive and ensure that it meets the highest standards.

Many other online platforms operate on a ‘marketplace model’. This means that they have hundreds of therapists of different levels of professional qualification and training offering therapy through their platform. This is often reflected in either a lower price structure or great variability in fees between therapists leaving users feeling confused. The quality of the therapy you receive will greatly vary as a result.

Our offer is completely different: our therapists are all qualified psychologists who have years of experience working in the NHS with a range of difficulties from mild to moderate to complex and severe presentations. They also all have specialist training in a range of contemporary therapeutic approaches that have the best evidence base for a range of difficulties. Our psychologists receive regular supervision from experts in the field both from the UK and the US. They engage in continuing professional development and work with the highest standard of professionalism.