Amer Hatic

Clinical Psychologist

Amer Hatic is a HCPC-accredited Clinical Psychologist, originally from Sweden but currently residing in the UK. Amer has completed his professional training both in the UK and in Sweden, and he has a background working with adults, children and young people, and families. He conducts psychological therapy in both Swedish and English. Amer has previously worked in adult psychiatry, primary care, within a mother and baby unit, and as a school and educational psychologist.

He is trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy. He works in an integrative way, always ensuring the treatment is tailored to the needs and individual circumstances of the client. Amer has treated various forms of mental health conditions, but has a particular interest in neuropsychiatry (ADHD and autism) and likes to help individuals with neuropsychiatric disabilities. In addition, Amer enjoys working with parental support, relationship problems and emotional difficulties.

He has extensive experience in treating stress, depression and anxiety. He also has experience in neuropsychological assessment and personality assessment practice. In Amer’s role as a Clinical Psychologist, he aims to help each client see things that one might not see themselves, and encourage clients to take steps to live a more genuine and courageous life. Welcome to book an appointment!