Anita Ribeiro Blanchard

Counselling Psychologist

Anita has been deeply influenced by Jungian psychology and somatic training, and uses short or long-term psychodynamic approach, which may include dream interpretation, artwork, fantasies, obsessive thoughts or images, and what neuroscience has named “mind wandering mentation” (day dreaming). In her online practice, she works individually with adults and adolescents, and also systemically in dyads, such as father or mother-child (adult or adolescent), siblings, parent-stepparent, to facilitate positive communication and understanding between them.

Many psychological issues frequently treated in her clinical practice are: conflicted relationships, dissatisfaction with current life circumstances, unmet career potential, difficulties finding a balanced and healthy lifestyle, adjustment to a new culture, addiction to pornography, gender issues, bullying and racism, family disharmony, sadness about the past, history of trauma. Anita works integratively to help decrease physical symptoms, such as insomnia, nightmares, stress, persistent nausea, cold sweats, trembling of hands or legs, flustering, intrusive thoughts, uncontrollable fear, and other emotional and physical discomforts.

Anita`s professional experience includes working for the NHS (both in Adult and in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), for the Fire Fighters Charity, and as a consultant psychotherapist for trauma in private practice. In the US she has worked for several governmental and non-profit organizations, as well as in private practice, and as a Jungian psychotherapist in Brazil for a decade. Anita is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, registered as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council in the UK, a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Florida, and a registered psychologist in Brazil.

She is comfortable working in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. She has been a meditator for over twenty years, and endorses a way of living that is purposeful, meaningful, of service and connected to others and communities, in genuine and positive relationships.