Dr Aneesh Shravat

Counselling  Psychologist

Dr Aneesh Shravat is  a Chartered Counselling  Psychologist with 10 years’  post qualification experience.

Dr Shravat has worked in a variety of NHS and charity settings including an internationally renowned neuropsychological service and currently as a Lead Psychologist in a Cancer Centre.  Dr Shravat has a warm and friendly approach and uses different evidence based therapeutic approaches including CBT, ACT, and Compassion focused therapies and is trained to undertake Mindfulness based therapies too. He believes in establishing an effective therapeutic relationship and uses a gentle empathic approach.

He completed his Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from London City University and a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Bangor University. He has a strong interest in the role of compassion in helping with the stresses of today’s hectic world.