Dr Beth Winter

Counselling Psychologist

Dr Beth Winter is a Counselling Psychologist and University Lecturer with experience working in the NHS, charity, private and educational sectors. She is registered with the HCPC and BPS. Dr Winter works with a range of clients from different backgrounds, particularly with those with life-threatening illness (dementia, stroke), couples, students, older adults, carers and individuals living with depression, anxiety, trauma, phobia, bereavement and relational issues. Dr Winter is trained in psychodynamic, humanistic, existential, couple and cognitive-behavioural (CBT) therapies.

Being human means we all face times of distress, which may manifest as anxiety, sadness, pain, anger, confusion or resignation. I believe therapy can help process this distress, through the therapeutic relationship. I provide a safe, trusting and confidential space in which to work collaboratively, gauging with each client an approach that is best suited to them. It’s important to acknowledge systemic issues, areas of discrimination and power dynamics at play.

As a reflective scientist-practitioner, I am constantly learning and keeping abreast of current research and theory. I work with a recovery and wellness-based approach and value the resources and strengths of my clients. I encourage them to be compassionate towards themselves while challenging unhelpful patterns in their lives. The length of therapy will be negotiated at assessment and reviewed with the client depending on their presenting problem. 

Thankfully, as a society, we are better at understanding ‘mental health’, recognising that we all go through difficult periods in life and need relational support to help us through problems and painful experiences. I will be committed to helping you move forward with your life and make lasting change.

I look forward to working with you.