Dr Carla Aguiar

Clinical Psychologist

My name is Carla Aguiar, I was born in Lisbon, Portugal where I graduated in 2008 at the Higher Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon. Dr Carla Aguiar is a clinical psychologist with over 10 years experience gained in a variety of settings such as NHS, CAMHS and adult outpatient and inpatient services as well as private practice and primary and secondary schools where I worked with children with learning difficulties. She is person centred and compassionate and I strongly believe that each person holds a potential for recovery, self-discovery and self-alignment, regardless of their various life experiences.

Carla’s priority is to validate each individual and to help them to reconnect with their strengths and inner self. I utilize an integrative approach which means that I am able to offer a variety of techniques that better suit the person’s needs. This may include CBT, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic intervention, Trauma Narrative and principles of Positive Psychology. She works with all age ranges and with a variety of presentations such as personality disorders, bipolar disorders, PTSD, OCD, depression, anxiety, self-harming behaviours, amongst other conditions.

Carla is also an experienced clinical supervisor who provides supervision and consultation to other clinicians, assistants psychologists and university students. In 2008 she wrote a dissertation on the Analysis of the Concept of Psychic Trauma in Winnicott and Kohut. Here she explored how our attachment with our parents/caregivers impacts the relationship with ourselves and others throughout life and how much this may contribute to the development of various mental or personality disorders.

Carla works with clients in both English and in Portuguese.