Dr Dionne Imara

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Dionne Imara is a Clinical Psychologist who qualified in the UK in 2005. She has extensive experience working with both child and adolescent and adult populations. She has worked a long time in England’s NHS service, as well as in private settings. She also works with clients who live outside of the UK and come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Dr Imara has served as Guest Speaker at mental health events and she has also appeared in the media (TV and newspapers) in the Caribbean to speak on mental health issues.

Dr. Imara works with clients experiencing a wide range of psychological issues and she is especially competent in helping clients to overcome anxiety issues (OCD, PTSD, Social anxiety, generalised anxiety and worry, health anxiety, phobias), depression and mood problems, self harm, grief, loss and bereavement, stress and work related stress, anger management problems, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem and confidence problems, ADHD, Learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Conduct disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and other behaviour difficulties.

Dr. Imara uses a wide range of evidence based interventions and is trained in delivering behaviour therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma focused CBT, dialectical behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy and motivational interviewing. Additionally, she draws from systemic and mindfulness approaches where applicable. Dr Imara also has additional qualifications in evidence based parenting approaches and is a trained Solihull Approach and Teen Triple P parenting intervention facilitator. She is able to help parents who are struggling with their child’s behaviours and is able to facilitate better parent/child relationships and attachments.

Dr. Imara enjoys working collaboratively with clients tailoring intervention to each clients unique presentation and assisting them in overcoming challenges. She is very passionate about her work and can sometimes be a “tough love” and a “tell it how it is” kind of therapist. Her mission is always to give help clients reach their therapeutic goals and give them the tools they need to strengthen their resilience, and improve their quality of life in a meaningful way.