Dr Eugenia Drini

Counselling Psychologist

Dr Eugenia Drini is a resourceful counselling psychologist dedicated to the delivery of the highest quality of compassionate care. After completing her MSc at King’s College, she obtained her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at Surrey University.  For the last three years, she has been working in secondary care mental health settings within the NHS, with people experiencing enduring mental health conditions and personality disorders.

She has been trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy and person-centered counselling. Eugenia’s therapeutic approach is based on the idea that all of us have an inherent capacity to grow and change. Sometimes this capacity is ‘blocked’ by difficult life events or certain beliefs that prevent us from making meaningful changes. During therapy Eugenia endeavours to create a supportive space that will make you feel safe and comfortable so that you are able to explore your difficulties and identify possible ways to deal with them.

She believes there are multiple ‘truths’ in each story, therefore there are multiple solutions. As a therapist, Eugenia tries to help her clients balance the need to become aware of and accept things in life that cannot be changed, while simultaneously working on the things which can change to improve their emotional wellbeing and overall quality of life.
At the first stages of therapy, Eugenia will work with you to understand your difficulties, your current life circumstances and your strengths. Together, you will then develop a therapeutic plan, based on your goals, and what is preventing you from achieving them.