Dr Florentine De Raaij

Counselling Psychology

Dr De Raaij is originally from the Netherlands, though she is currently based in Antwerp, Belgium. She works as a counselling psychologist and is an accredited/registered as a counselling psychologist in both Belgium and the UK. Dr De Raaij has a BSc and MSc in Child Development Psychology as well as a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology.

Dr De Raaij works as an integrative psychologist with clients. As such, she use’s a variety of psychotherapy methods to support clients in developing life-changing habits, with the approach depending on the client’s needs. Sessions are designed to explore personal issues and provide clients with effective tools to help them cope with the challenges they are facing. Her aim is to offer you a safe space where you can share your story, and where she will support you with an open, sensitive and non-judgemental approach.