Dr Jeremy Halstead

Clinical Psychologist

Jeremy trained as a clinical psychologist with Dorothy Rowe in Lincoln and in addition to the BPS Diploma in Clinical Psychology has an MSc in Psychopathology (Leicester) and a PhD (studying psychotherapy process) (Sheffield). He is listed as a Senior Practitioner on the BPS Register of Psychologists Specialising in Psychotherapy. He has worked as a clinician in services across South and West Yorkshire and spent some years supervising counsellors in the NHS and a University Counselling Service.

Over a long career he has worked with adults of all ages, with a wide range of conditions including depression anxiety and the long term effects of complex trauma. As a Practitioner Scientist he has always sought to use the psychotherapeutic approach that best meets the needs of each client. His approaches have built on Personal Construct Theory, Mindfulness, Behavioural and Cognitive therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Systems Theory. His style of working is to start with listening and beginning to make sense of his client’s issues. The issues and the stage someone has reached with them lead to the choice of interventions.

The therapeutic relationship or alliance is key to the process of therapy and although it varies among clients, it should contain elements of feeling respected, understood and of client and therapist working together on a shared goal. He has a lot of experience of working within the time frame of brief therapy (sixteen sessions or less) and feels that with focus and commitment good results are possible in that time.