Dr Kathryn Campbell

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kathryn Campbell is a chartered clinical psychologist and she has worked in a wide range of clinical settings in the NHS and voluntary sector. She has experience in community adult mental health, older adult mental health and neuropsychological settings.

Throughout her career Kathryn has enjoyed delivering therapy to individuals and groups using a range of different therapeutic models. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and eye movement, desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) are her main modes of work. Kathryn is also interested in cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) which helps her to think more clearly when considering inter-personal patterns in relationships. Mindfulness techniques are an important part of her practice and are often incorporated into therapeutic endeavours. Kathryn tends to use these models integratively, which means she combines therapeutic approaches to tailor an intervention to suit the person’s needs.

Her primary aim is to provide the most prudent, potent and timely psychological therapy to make a difference to the person she is working with. The most rewarding aspects of her job are helping people to develop greater understanding, to make positive changes in their lives and ameliorate emotional distress.