Dr Lilian Shundi

Counselling Psychologist

Lillian has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the realm of mental health. She has worked as a registered mental health nurse for over 17 years alongside her psychology training which has put her in a better position to offer you some support, advice, and education which she believes is paramount specifically at the beginning of your therapy journey. Having the highest qualification in psychology training puts Lillian in a strategic position to be able to offer a high standard of assessment, formulation and appropriate interventions using different modalities that are supported by research to help you with your difficulties.

Lillian’s background as a therapist is from the BAME background and having lived in different cultures has helped her to understand some of the challenges encountered by clients from different cultural backgrounds. Bearing this in mind, she does provide a non-discriminatory practice whereby she welcomes clients from different backgrounds and orientations. In her practice, she gives permission to clients to talk about some of the issues that they may feel ‘not understood’ or ‘not encouraged’ by other services. These include faith, religion, one’s cultural belief and some of the transitional and adjustments issues to different life situations.

Lillian believes in providing interventions that allows her to work in partnership with you, she does not consider herself as an expert because your contribution in making therapy a success depends on the relationship that we build and also what you bring to therapy. To this end this makes her an exceptionally flexible practitioner whose aim is to provide exceptional therapy anywhere, any time.