Dr Louise Marshall

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Louise Marshall is a clinical psychologist with several years of experience working within the NHS and third sector organisations.  Louise has psychology degrees from the University of Oxford and University of Sussex, and completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University.  Louise’s doctoral training included Systemic Therapy, CBT and Psychodynamic Therapy, and she has since gained additional skills and experience in Narrative Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy.  

Louise has worked with people across the lifespan who are facing a range of challenges, including long-term health conditions, relationship difficulties and emotional distress.  She understands that problems can walk into someone’s life at any time, often without warning, and leave them feeling vulnerable and isolated.

Louise believes that psychological therapy can offer a space for someone to feel less alone with these problems, to reconnect with the strengths and resources that they have within them, and to move towards a more hopeful future.  Louise feels that a warm, empathic and supportive relationship between therapist and client lies at the heart of positive change and she is committed to working collaboratively with clients to create a tailored therapeutic approach that works for them.