Dr Matteo Ria

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Matteo Ria is an internationally licensed Psychologist Practitioner specialised in therapy for a wide spectrum of common mental health presentations, including anxiety, low mood, depression and trauma. Dr Ria works full time as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and he is passionate about helping people through some of life’s toughest challenges.

Dr Ria’s wide range of expertise comes with over 10 years of client focused clinical activities in the public and private health sector, where he has been exposed to services range from performance coaching, to affirmative therapy with the LGBTQ+ community, tailored therapy for children, young adults and adults struggling with general coping, complex emotional and behavioural difficulties, sleep disturbances, fatigue/burn out, chronic illnesses, eating disorders spectrum and general anxiety.

It might not always be about a condition that needs resolving, you might need professional inputs to find purpose, regain self-worth, or you are making significant life changes and need guidance, additional professional tailored inputs and an expert who will understand you in a free of judgment context. Clinical practice has taught Dr. Ria that therapy should be a highly personalized, collaborative, authentic, and rewarding experience. It should also be an active process where both the therapist and client are participating in thinking deeply about life options, goals and choices available.

Dr. Ria holds a positive regard for each of his clients, and he will work with you as you make subtle changes in your thoughts and actions so that you shape your experience. Having positive expectations for his clients in this way, and the work they do together, promotes growth and fosters personal transformation.