Jessie Gillick

CBT & EMDR Psychotherapist

Jessie is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and EMDR therapist who has worked for many years in the NHS, higher education, and in private practice. She specialises in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders including, health anxiety, phobias, depression, and OCD. Jessie also works with trauma, PTSD, adjustment difficulties, and complex grief.

In her work as a CBT therapist, she helps her clients recognise and express their feelings about events, describe and examine the thoughts that are taking place, and notice how these influence behaviour. To maximise positive change she uses a collaborative and goal-focused approach as she helps her clients develop more adaptive thoughts, manage their emotional states and practice values-based behaviours that can continue and sustain progress after therapy ends.

Sometimes a person’s difficulties are caused by adversity or trauma and Jessie has a breadth of experience using EMDR to help clients identify and process these difficult experiences, leading to positive psychological and behavioural change.