How it works - section header

Getting on the path to better with the my online therapy app will be as easy as 1,2,3. Read all about it here or scroll down to view the video.

Step 1

To get started we’re building the app to work across all devices so you can sign in on desktop, or if you prefer you can download the app for your mobile device. It will be available on IOS and Android. After you’ve entered your details the app will be up and running. Remember the app is not ready yet but will be available by the target launch date of September. In the meantime, why not register now with our for updates and news.

Step 2

Once registered, when the app is up and running, we will need to on-board you. This is essentially a confidential questionnaire that helps us match you to the very best qualified psychologist for your needs. Questions will include basic demographics and more detailed specifics surrounding therapy issues that matter to you. The highly personalized assessment process is carried out by senior clinic psychologists.

Step 3

Once your needs and background have been assessed you’ll be offered 3 psychologists to choose from. You will be able to read all about their profile, experience and background in the ‘psychologists’ section available on this site from September. The service is completely free up until this point.

Once you’ve picked your psychologist and entered your credit card details you can then book a 30 minute introductory private video session on the My Online Therapy app. This will help you get to know each other and ensure the fit is good for both of you. You can then discuss next steps and number of sessions required. Ongoing sessions will be 50 minutes each. As you progress you can book and pay for all your sessions through the app and monitor your progress as you go. Regular assessments and outcome evaluation of treatment progress will be a key aspect of your programme.

Remember all interaction is encrypted and subject to strict client/psychologist confidentiality. For more on our privacy policy and how we treat your data please go here.