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Jul 26, 2019

10 Signs You Need Therapy

There are many misconceptions about therapy but perhaps one of the biggest (and most dangerous) is the idea that there needs to be something seriously up in order to make it to your therapist’s couch. So let’s say it loud and clear: don’t leave it until breaking point if you’re not feeling good. Whilst therapy…

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Jul 12, 2019

My Family is Toxic: Signs to Look Out For and What to Do

Have you ever found yourself gazing longingly at the perfect family, and wondering why things didn’t work out that way for you? The reality is that despite appearances, there really is no such thing as the perfect family. After all, we don’t choose our family, and all of us are likely to experience difficulties at…

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Jun 28, 2019

Why Do I Feel Like Everyone is Out to Get Me?

Do you find yourself moving through life always on the defence, poised for the next attack? Maybe the world feels like a scary place, and you find it hard to trust people. After all, everyone is out for themselves, right? Being cautious in itself is no bad thing. But if this level of caution has…

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