Matters of the Mind

In our podcast series, mental health activist and brand ambassador Stephen Manderson (Professor Green) is joined by special guests to learn about the ups and downs of their mental health journey.

A leading psychologist from My Online Therapy is on hand to provide expert knowledge and advice about how we can take better care of our minds.

Expert guests. Incredible stories.

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Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

TV personality and mental health activist Matt Johnson and Dr Jenna Harrington discuss the value of being self-aware, their ideas of success, how they have changed over the years, their experiences of burnout over lockdown, and their hopes for the “new normal”.

Charly Cox

Poet and writer Charly Cox and Dr Khibza Jawaid discuss the relationship between our minds and our bodies, how we can begin to open up about our feelings, and the importance of being honest with ourselves.

Simon Gunning

Simon Gunning

Campaign Against Living Miserably CEO Simon Gunning and Dr Rina Bajaj discuss the effect of social media on mental health, masculinity, and how they’ve been coping with the last year of lockdown.

Expert guests.

Incredible stories.

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