Understanding the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist can help you make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the one which feels like the right fit for you.


A psychologist has studied for a minimum of seven years to acquire their first degree of Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and subsequently a Doctorate in a form of applied Psychology. Psychologists have training in a range of different therapeutic approaches and also in research and evaluation of treatment outcomes. This allows them to take a scientific and informed approach to the treatment of mental disorders and emotional difficulties.

Therapists and counsellors have variable training and are often only able to deliver one therapy model as opposed to multiple approaches.


A psychiatrist is a medically qualified doctor who has specialism in the field of psychiatry. This means that a psychiatrist can rule out the physical cause for your difficulties and also order tests and prescribe medication. This is something that only medical doctors can do. Some psychiatrists have also undergone specialist training in psychotherapy which places them in a unique position to be able to understand both the body and the mind, and work flexibly between the prescription of medication and talking therapy.

Why do online therapy fees vary?

The fees for online psychological therapy vary significantly as they reflect the nature of the training of the therapist. Psychologists are trained to doctoral level and also have experience in multiple therapeutic models. This allows them to offer the right approach for specific difficulties rather than a more ‘generic’ approach. Due to this difference, psychologists’ fees are higher than those of counsellors or therapists, equally the treatment you receive has a much greater likelihood of a positive outcome as it is scientific and evidence-based.

At My Online Therapy we believe that face to face online therapy is the most effective therapeutic approach. Our fees reflect the quality of our clinical model and treatment you receive.

Do I need a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

As we are an online therapy platform most of our interventions are delivered by qualified psychologists who are experts in the delivery of a range of psychological therapies. We also offer consultations with a psychiatrist in the event that you have a concern about medication or require that type of specialist input. Which therapist you are connected to depends on your answers in our online questionnaire – this matches you to the right professional for you. If you wish to receive a consultation with a psychiatrist you can indicate this in your answers whilst responding to the questionnaire, or email us at [email protected] with this request.

If you find yourself struggling with your mental health and you’re ready to begin treatment to alleviate your symptoms, online therapy could be a great way to introduce therapy into your life. Meeting a new person – particularly someone you will share such intimate details of your life with – can be a difficult process for anyone. Participating in therapy through an online platform can make the leap into your first session a lot easier – there is no need to leave the comfort of your living room – and a face-to-face meeting is often a lot easier through your phone camera. If you think therapy could help you with your mental health conditions, our online platform could be the perfect way to introduce therapy into your life without changing your daily routine or increasing pressure on your weekly schedule. Our interactive platform has been expertly developed to help bring you professional and affective therapy, through a convenient and accessible way. Find out more about the therapeutic services we offer, and the range of conditions we might be able to help with on our website.