There are few things we can’t do online in 2018. From turning on our heating at home before we have even left the office to ordering food to the door through an app, there are few areas of our lives that have not been changed or influenced by the advancements in both technology and the internet. Online mental health therapy is now just one more positive thing that has opened up to us all.

Online has changed our lives for the better, making everything just that little bit easier and more accessible to everyone. Whilst our grandparents will have learned to live without the basics in technology – all the things we take for granted like electric kettles and washing machines – we are just months away from being able to purchase and use driverless cars on the roads.

But it’s not just everyday tasks that have become easier with technology – almost every area of our lives has been influenced or changed by an advancement in technology at some point. In fact, the very faces of our towns and cities have been transformed with the development of smart phones and in a society when we are never offline. Travel agents – for example – have ceased to exist with so many of us opting for online booking platforms instead, the number of us dragging the family to the supermarket once a month has halved and even the way we communicate and share our lives with our loved ones has changed.

The way we learn and work has been affected too; schools, colleges and universities are moving an increasing amount of work online, taking advantage of digital time stamps for assignments and “chatrooms” where students can discuss and access work outside of school and school hours. Whilst at work there are few of us who don’t require some form of internet connection throughout the day – even jobs such as waitressing have been changed with many establishments putting down pen and paper and using smart phone apps for orders and checks, and almost all businesses using electronic cash registers or till systems.

Medicine too has been transformed by the internet – gone are the days of waiting for hours in a doctor’s waiting room for a ten-minute chat and a prescription. Now online and telephone doctors are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year to help you with less urgent health concerns, whilst online pharmacies who deliver to your door mean you don’t even need to brave the outdoors when you’re feeling under the weather and need some medicine to feel better.

In short, it’s all just a little bit easier – and things don’t show any signs of slowing down.

For those of us who struggle with mental health issues, the move of everything to being online has been extremely beneficial for many of us. When we’re feeling so under the weather that even the simplest of tasks – such as doing your weekly food shop in the supermarket – can feel impossible, with apps such as JustEat and services such as online shopping we have a lot less to worry about.

Perhaps the biggest advancement for those of us who struggle with mental health, is the ability to access mental health services from the comfort of our own homes. Studies have repeatedly shown that therapy can be extremely beneficial in the treatment of a number of different mental health issues however finding the right therapist and the time to fit them in during our already constant and hectic lifestyles can feel impossible.

Accessibility, especially for those of us who live in the countryside, can be a huge problem with some people travelling hundreds of miles to seek specialist therapists to help cope with their mental health symptoms. However, with the move to online therapy services even those of us in the remotest of locations can have access to the very best in professional therapy in the UK.

Online therapy services can be beneficial for everyone. It’s a unique service offering access at a time that suits you – and that doesn’t have to stop when you have to travel or when you’re unable to make it to appointments. It means new mums who are battling with post-natal depression can fit in the therapy they need without the added stress of taking a newborn along to a session or to a babysitter or childminder for a few hours. It means those of us whose schedule changes week after week – such as doctors, nurses or those of us in the emergency services – can still access the therapy we need without it interrupting our jobs. Whilst those of us who wish to keep our mental health issues private, and would rather not risk being seen in a therapy clinic, can access therapy services without anyone else ever knowing.

As technology changes life around us, most things have become just that little bit easier – and now seeking help with your mental health can be too. If you’re struggling with your mental health and are considering undergoing therapy to help better manage your symptoms why not consider online therapy – with all of the advantages of a professional therapy service, from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. If you want to learn more about online therapy and how it could help you with your mental health sign up as an Early Bird on our website to learn more about our wide range of services to treat a number of mental health problems.